NEWSLETTERS - Everest North Side 2005

Newsletter 423 April 2005

After a successful team push to tag the North Col over the past few days, our team is preparing to depart on April 26th for a major acclimatization period above ABC. The plan is to sleep for two nights at the North Col (camp 1) and spend a night at camp 2. On the four day above ABC we will trek above camp 2 before decending back down to ABC. Assuming we have successfully completed our acclimatization push above ABC, our team will then descend to BC to absorb the oxygen rich air of 5,200 m. In preparation for our acclimatization push above ABC, tomorrow the team members will be packing our high altitude gear - down suits, googles, mitts, and food for our ascend to the rarified air of 7,000 m. and above.

Congratulations to Leo Rub's for successfully achieving his summit bid by reaching the North Col on April 22! Today we are celebrating our fearless guide Dean's 41st birthday! Also, the red team is proud to announce the arrival of a mirror and a toilet seat for thier facilities. In addition, Morgens has been nicknamed 'Masaretti', since the rest of his team follow in his draft!

Today people come to climb Everest for as many reasons as there are climbers on the mountain, and the summit is only a small part of the Everest journey.Brett fullfilled a life time dream to climb Everest and yesterday returned from ABC to BC enroute to his home in California where he is a Los Angeles fire fighter. Tashi Delek Brett, our lives are richer for having you apart of our Everest experience.