NEWSLETTERS - Everest North Side 2005

Newsletter 96 June 2005

As planned, two teams departed for their summit pushes on May 31st and June 1st from ABC and we are pleased to report the following results:

Team 1 - June 4th Summit Day

Successful Summiters: 14 Total
Jeremy Benton
Richard Staite
David Tait
Soren Nielsen (a.k.a., Gudman)
Monica Kalozdi
Sean Pavillard
Tom Torkelson
Bill Crouse (Guide)
Mark Woodward (Guide)

+ 5 Sherpa's

Ishii Shinichi turned around just above the 2nd Step and Mogens Jensen, who was attempting to summit without the use of supplemental oxygen, turned around just above Camp 4.

Team 2 - June 5th Summit Day

Successful Summiters: 15 Total
Grania Willis
Paul Hockey
Chieko Shimada
Sissel Smaller
Piers Buck
Dean Staples (Guide)

+ 9 Sherpa's

On Summit Push, Charlie Hobbs turned around at Camp 1, Antoine Boulanger turned around above Camp 2 and Kevin Goldstein turned around above Camp 3. On Summit Day, Akitomo Fujibayashi turned back at top of the Exit Cracks, Peggy Foster turned back at top of first step and David McKinley (Guide) turned back at Mushroom Rock.

At this time (12:00 Noon) on Monday, June 6th, all team members are either safely back to ABC or expected back safely later today.

Also, an Italian expedition operated by Himex successfully had 2 members and 2 sherpa's summit on each of the above summit days. Thus, Himex successfully put 37 people on the summit this year.