NEWSLETTERS - Everest South 2005

Newsletter 315 May 2005

Namaste, Tashi dalek, Gidday, Tena Koe

The Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu now seems far away having been back in Base Camp for 10 days...maintaining the Himex strict Single Malt policy!

4 out of 5 of Team Gstaad returned to Everest. Team Leader - Marcel Bach, made a wise but difficult decision to return home due to some frost nipped toes during his descent from Camp 3. We miss You, Marcel...!!! And Happy Birthday too, hope it wasn't too rough in Bangkok...

The waiting game (Hurry up & Wait!) has begun - with weather theories as varied as the colours of Down suits in Base Camp.

There are those that will wait and those that don't.

Newsletter 230 April 2005

Greetings from Kathmandu!

Yup that's affirmative - Team Gstaad is struggling with the comforts of the Hotel Yak & Yeti, in Kathmandu. Well it's only been 1 week after all - we'll soon get used to the three, or was it four helpings at the Buffet...

So, it all started as Team Gstaad was descending after 2 nights at Camp 3 - Lhotse Face at 7,400m. We were discussing the merits of spending some quality time 'down low'. Perhaps a few nights at Namche Bazaar - fattening up for our summit attempt...however the concept of having to walk/trek/grovel all that way and not forgetting the absolute struggle all the way back up to Base Camp, was quickly dismissed by Marcel when he suggested we 'take the damn Helicopter'.

Newsletter 110 April 2005

The Swiss Team from Gstaad arrived in Base Camp - 'South Side' in good form on April 8th.

Having negotiated the Icefall and slept at Camp 1 - 6,100m, the Team are leap frogging the other 20 expeditions for good camp positions on the mountain.

The route is considered to be in good condition (relatively). Near the top of the icefall, requires a climb out of an enormous crevasse - using five ladder sections connected to span the ever growing far no spare underpants required.

The expeditions climbing Sherpas headed by Lopsang Temba from Kumjung, are in firing form - having carried loads for 7 days. They have stocked Camps 1 & 2 and have earned their rest day, tomorrow.