NEWSLETTERS - Everest Spring 1998

Newsletter 630 May 1998

At 10.15 on 25 May, Sumiyo Tsuzuki, Karsang Sherpa and I reached the summit of Everest. We are all now back at the Base Camp in good health and with no injuries. Sumiyo becomes the third Japanese woman (second surviving) to summit Everest, and the first via the North Ridge. There have been 4 deaths on the North Ridge this season, but none of these have anything to do with my team, although I have been involved with the removal of two of these bodies.

Newsletter 512 May 1998

We have made very good and fast progress over the last few weeks. Having established our C I at the North Col 7000m on 24 April, Lopsang, Karsang my two climbing Sherpas and myself then carried loads to C I on 25, 26 and 28th. We then established C II, 7500m on 29th and carried a load there on 30th returning to ABC for a rest.

Newsletter 41 May 1998

I have been busy during the last few days, the weather has been good and so progress has been great. We moved up to ABC 6400m on the 21st April and then established C I on the North Col 7000m on the 24th. This camp is now fully stocked with all the equipment required for the rest of the climb, and on the 29th wew established C II at 7500m.

Newsletter 319 April 1998

The Himalayan Experience Everest Expedition has had several set backs over the last few weeks, with the delayed start from Kathmandu as the road was covered in snow, then we had to porter our equipment around a land slide, but eventually we reached Base Camp at 5200m on 15 April.

Newsletter 28 April 1998

There has been considerable bad weather in the lower mountains of Nepal, and more than 1m of snow fell on the road between Nylam and the boarder town of Zangmu. It has taken a week to have the road cleared, so our team is still in Kathmandu waiting. However we will depart early tomorrow the 9th April, with the hope of reaching Nylam in one day. I have heard that only one of the 18 teams that are on the North side of Everest, has in fact reached BC, so there are many teams between Kathmandu and BC at the moment.

Newsletter 11 April 1998

The Himalayan Experience Everest expedition to the North Ridge got underway last Saturday with the arrival of team leader Russell Brice to Kathmandu. The equipment and food has been checked and packed, ready for departure to Tibet, hopefully on 04 April. There has been considerable amounts of snow on the Tibet Plateau, so our team will not leave Kathmandu until we know that the road is clear all the way to BC.