NEWSLETTERS - Everest Spring 1998

Newsletter 319 April 1998

The Himalayan Experience Everest Expedition has had several set backs over the last few weeks, with the delayed start from Kathmandu as the road was covered in snow, then we had to porter our equipment around a land slide, but eventually we reached Base Camp at 5200m on 15 April.

We were to depart for ABC with our yaks today, however one of our members had not arrived from Zegar where he had spent an extra day acclimatising, so it was our prioritry to locate where he was. In fact he was in Lhasa and has decided to withdraw from the expedition. After re-sorting our loads we will now leave for thye ABC tomorrow 20 April. There is very little snow on the mountain and there is quite good progress by other teams who we have agreed to work together with in fixing rope and the route.