NEWSLETTERS - Everest Spring 1998

Newsletter 512 May 1998

We have made very good and fast progress over the last few weeks. Having established our C I at the North Col 7000m on 24 April, Lopsang, Karsang my two climbing Sherpas and myself then carried loads to C I on 25, 26 and 28th. We then established C II, 7500m on 29th and carried a load there on 30th returning to ABC for a rest.

Again we carried loads to C I on 02 May, and went to C II the following day, and on to establish C III, 7900m on 04 May. All members and Sherpas slept at this camp for the night, so we are all well prepared for the summit attempt now.

With all camps ready, and oxygen already at the North Col, we are ready for a summit attempt after a rest at BC. As it turned out, the jet stream winds arrived on the mountain on 07 May, the day that we were heading down to BC for 4 days rest.

It is now the 12th and the winds have continued to blow, and there has been no progress by any team on the hill. The jet stream has moved from the North and is now South of us, which should give a couple of days of less wind, but must again pass over us to the North before we will have summit attempt conditions.

In the meanwhile I hear that my mess tent at ABC has been destroyed by the wind, and we will now have to see how all the upper camps have fared.
We can see through the scope that our top camp at 8300m is still intact, so hope that the other camps are OK.

Tomorrow we will all leave BC for ABC along with a new mess tent and spare poles etc for the upper camps, so the next message will come from ABC in a few days time.