NEWSLETTERS - Everest Spring 2010

Newsletter 69 April 2010

Finally there

The team has finally reached ‘home’ where they received a warm welcome from the Himex’s climbing Sherpas and the kitchen staff. Russell’s crew has worked here for the past four weeks to make this camp as comfortable as possible. The three mess tents are laid out with carpets and have electrical light, the huge “White Pod”, the golf-ball-shaped structure that looks like a hotel on the moon, is equipped with comfy sofas, an espresso machine and a flatscreen television for movie nights and all personal tents feature a comfortable mattress and a pillow. The members have the choice of socialising in the mess tent, in the White Pod or just find peace and quiet in their own little tent.

There will be plenty of more stories from base camp once I will get there in mid April, so for the time being I would like to introduce you to Shi Wang and Lv Zhongling from China.

Shi Wang

Shi Wang, 60 years, from Shenzhen in China is a businessman. He has already stood on top of the world in 2003, when he climbed Mount Everest from the North side in Tibet. In autumn last year, he summited Manaslu with Himex. He is married with one daughter (27 years).

How did you first come across Everest and who inspired you to climb it?

I started climbing 10 years ago, when I was 50. “Life begins at 50”, so I thought I should do something amazing. I want to climb Everest three times in my life, so I might come back when I am I am 70 years old. I have read many books about the mountain and I was absolutely fascinated by it when I was a child.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

I run the biggest real estate business in the world, and next year I want to sail around the world, which could be my next big achievement.

What is your biggest challenge on this Everest expedition?

Just to have fun.

How did Everest change your life after you summited in 2003?

I learnt how to face death. And I embarked on new adventures. I have done the Seven Summit, crossed the North Pole in 2004 and the South Pole in 2005.

How mentally prepared are you for the possibility of not getting to the top?

I am not prepared for that, but if I fail, I will definitely be back next year.

What will you carry to the summit?

The Chinese flag, my company’s flag and an NGO flag. I would actually like to carry down some rubbish from the summit.

Lv Zhongling

Lv Zhongling from Hang Zhou manages a technology company. He has climbed Mustagh Ata (7,500m) in Xinjiang Province in China. The 36-year-old is married with two sons (3 and 7 months)

How did you first come across Everest and who inspired you to climb it?

Climbing Everest is my dream. When I climbed a Tibetan mountain (6,500m) in 2000, I knew that I wanted to climb Mount Everest one day. However, my wife was not very happy with that idea and it took me the best part of two years to convince her that I should go. And now I am here and I am very happy about that.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Nothing springs to my mind so far, however, I am still looking to find my true self and I am hoping to find it on this expedition. If I do, then this could be my biggest achievement.

What is your biggest challenge on this Everest expedition?

The biggest challenge for me is to be myself. The weather and the conditions are a challenge for everyone, but for me it is myself.

How do you think Everest will change your life?

I think I will be able to stand up more to other people and I am sure that I will know myself better after this trip.

What will you carry to the summit?

A picture of my wife and children, and my company flag.