NEWSLETTERS - Himex Relief Fund - Nepal

Relief Fund Nepal - The Daily Moraine 201515 July 2015

I am sorry that I have not been able to access the Relief Fund bank account whilst I was on K2, however I do need to thank all those who have made generous contributions to this fund and can I say that the balance now stands at £10,153.73.

Himex Releif Fund - Earthquake appeal

Thanks to:

Benjamin Winkler €100, Joan Knowles $150, Paolo Ripamonti CHF504.40, Antoine Boulanger €100, Garrison Design $696, Katrien Veekhoven €100, Susan Strick & Don McKenzie $500, Beta Corporation £685, Yuiko Okubo £480, Tracee Metcalfe $2,000, Patrick Falk $1,000, Sherpa Film £2,471.30, Elaine Phillipson £500, Andrew Phillipson £500, A Davison £50, Henry Chaplin £200, Mathew Holt £250, David Childs £1,000, S&W Collins £500, Jeremy Richard £200, Miscellaneous £50 and £30.

At this stage very few bodies have been found in the Langtang area, and so the Nepal authorities have still not issued any “death certificates” so families are unable to receive insurance payments for those who have been lost, which continues to cause much hardship for the families. But on a brighter note, reconstruction continues in the Khumbu where some houses have already been repaired.

It will take a lot of time and effort for the Nepal people to return to any sense of normality, so your continued support is much appreciated. Every little helps.