NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2009

Newsletter 57 October 2009

Manaslu Wrap-Up 2009

There's no better dispatch to write than one finishing a successful and fun season on a spectacular peak. Manaslu was very friendly to our Himalayan Experience team this year. After starting the season with a long a rainy finish to the monsoon (our first 10 days or so were filled with rain and snow), the weather broke and we saw clear skies, low winds and lots of sun.

Newsletter 429 September 2009

Himalayan Experience 2009 Manaslu Expedition has reached the summit.

We heard from Russell today that all members of the team were on the Summit of Manaslu this morning. By late afternoon, Nepal time, everyone was safely back at base camp.

Conditions on the mountain were very good and the health of the team is excellent.

Newsletter 323 September 2009

Acclimatisation Completed

All the team members have been to C3 for acclimatisation and are now back in Base Camp for a two day rest.
We will then head to C1 and hope to reach the summit on 29th.
Apart from limited communications, all is well with our team.

Newsletter 220 September 2009

All is good with the team on Manaslu.

All the team members are at Camp 2 and Camp 3 has been established by the Sherpas.
We anticipate that 29th September will be our Summit day.

Our Satellite data and telephony supplier has gone into liquidation. So e-mail and voice calls are compromised. Please do not be concerned if you do not hear from team members or see any more news updates until we are back in Kathmandu.

Newsletter 110 September 2009

Manaslu 2009 gets under way

Back in Kathmandu. Namaste! Finally the expedition is on its way, and I am back in Kathmandu, which is always a good feeling. Steve, Suzuki and I arrived the 28th of August meeting Russell, Adrian, Hiro and Desiree at the Hotel Tibet, the Himex Kathmandu base.