NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2012

Newsletter #1210 October 2012

After the frantic packing at BC and our orderly departure to Samagon for one night and then the helicopter flight back out to Kathmandu, members have now all departed in one direction or another.

Newsletter #112 October 2012

Peaks, Partying and Packing.

It is with a great sense of both relief and satisfaction that all members, sherpa and guides are down at base camp after a successful ascent of the mountain on the 30th Sept.

Newsletter #929 September 2012

It turned pout to be quite busy for Himalayan Experience today. Members went up from C2 to C3 without incident, however Susumu san felt that this was his limit, so he was taken back down to C1 by Phurba where he was met by doctor Nima and they both returned to BC.

Newsletter #827 September 2012

Newsletter #8 - Manaslu 2012

It is hard to be positive on the mountain this year, but despite all the various set backs, our team at last started making forward progress. On 27th all the members left BC for C1 and half of the Sherpas went from BC to C2. Wim who is attempting the summit was already at C1 and so he went from 1 to 2 with Rita in a bid to gain more acclimatisation at C3. Unfortunately Daryl returned to BC and will not be heading for the summit.

Newsletter #725 September 2012

Newsletter #7 - Manaslu 2012

Sorry for this delayed newsletter, however I have been a bit busy over the last couple of days, and it is only now that our camp is back to normal. As most of you will know there was a large avalanche on Manaslu and many people were caught in this and several have died. So most of this news letter is about these circumstances.

Newsletter #517 September 2012

Newsletter #5 - Manaslu 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain
Despite the constant rain at BC, the Himex team has been busy. On the afternoon of the 12th members made their way up to C1 in the rain, arriving to camp looking like drowned rats.

Newsletter #411 September 2012

Newsletter #4 - Manaslu 2012

The Himex team is on a day off after spending the last few days staying at C1, then going up to C2 to check the route out and for acclimatisation, returning to C1.

Newsletter #310 Sep 2012

Newsletter #3 - Manaslu 2012

As usual our meteorologists at Meteotest in Bern, Switzerland have provided us with a pretty accurate forecast and we have been able to plan our activities on the mountain accordingly.

Newsletter #25 Sep 2012

Newsletter #2 - Manaslu 2012

Hi folks

A lot has happened since our first Manaslu newsletter this season. But this is the first note from Base Camp.

Newsletter #116 aug 2012

Newsletter #1 - Manaslu 2012 Firstly I have to apologise that the newsletters this season will not be as entertaining as when written by Billi Bierling, however she has decided to climb Makalu with Kari Kobler this season,...