NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2016

Manaslu Expedition #529 September 2016

Dear All

29 Sept and normally we are on our way downhill heading for home, but I am afraid the lingering monsoon means that we also need to linger a bit longer to try and reach the summit that is so often hidden from us by clouds.

Manaslu from BC
Manaslu from BC

The last few days we experienced snow fall during the night and so the early morning regime was to knock the snow off all the tents and then shovel the snow away from the walls of the tents so as not to crush the tents but also so as we could walk around easily and then not carry snow into the dining area on our boots. Generally later in the day the sun would melt the snow from the cleared areas so we normally had a network of paths leading to all the important parts of camp. In 2008 our first year on Manaslu we had more than 5m of snow fall, so really this last we is a mild reminder of what it used to be like.

Despite this somewhat depressing weather pattern, we selected 01 Oct for summit day. So on 27 the Sherpas went up to C2 and the members went to C1. We were lucky to find all our tents at C2 and C2 in good condition, despite having wet heavy snow falling on them for several days. Yesterday 28 the Sherpas took loads to C3 which was also still in good condition and then returned to C2 where they met with the members who had come up from C1. Last night again saw a small snow fall at BC but very little snow at C2 and now the Sherpas are taking loads to C4 and the members are climbing to C3. The Sherpas will again descend to C2 for the night as this saves us carrying so many tents to C3 that we really only use for one night. Hopefully tomorrow will still be clear at altitude and the Sherpas will come the 1 ½ hours up to C3 early in the morning to meet the members. We actually take away C3 and take it to C4 where everyone will spend tomorrow night. The 30 and 01 have been looking to be the best days for summit for the last week now, so we only hope that there are no sudden changes. It looks like 2 – 4 will again become wet and miserable, so packing is not going to be easy.

Here’s hoping for good luck and a summit.

Regards Russ