NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2016

Manaslu Expedition #61 October 2016

1st October 2016


Unfortunately yesterday Dan was suffering from Pulmonary Oedema a at C3 so Doctor Tracee felt that it was prudent to return to BC using oxygen, so they left the camp at 06.00 for the descent, meeting the Sherpas who were coming up from C2. By 08.30 everyone else was on the way to C4 in hot clear conditions. By 15.00 those going up were in C4 and those going down were in BC.

This morning at 04.30 all the remaining members and Sherpas left C4 in clear, calm conditions, so it was worth waiting all this time. Jun Pablo and were on the summit at 07.20, Fay and Urken at 07.26, Narwang at 07.35, Shinji at 07.52 and 69 year old Hiro and Nima at 08.24. By 10.00 everyone was back at C4 and had packed for the descent. Hiro and Shinji are staying at C2 tonight, but everyone else has returned to Base Camp.

A good effort by all.

When we first arrived we thought that we would have an early summit as the snow conditions were so favourable, little did we know that the monsoon was going to linger around for so long, but I have to give credit to all the members for their endurance and tenacity.

Sorry no photos today, hopefully tomorrow we have more time to download some pretty pictures from the summit.

Regards Russ