NEWSLETTERS - Shishapangma 2006

Newsletter 224 September 2006

Well, sorry for such a long time inbetween my first and last desciption of our Shisha expedition which looks no more like a kind of Disney on the top of the world life...

Our laptop has been somewhat reluctant as to let me, Arnauld, carry on telling you how we are, whether at ABC, or at Camp 1, or Camp 2, that we simply had to wait until today to get another computer. For unknown reasons, this one had been sent immediately by Russell, from Cho Oyu BC, and went to Kathmandu instead of here !

Well we do not work here with DHL, Fed Ex, UPS... but rather with mail runners and yaks and sometimes, but rarely, they are not as efficient and reliable as other well known means.

Newsletter 111 September 2006

Although English is not my language and also the fact that I am not used to the QWERTY typing board, I will try to let you know how our expedition to Shishapangma is progressing.

Our team of nine, including our two very experimented New Zealand guides Mark and Dean, has started his progression toward what is called the Advance Base Camp two weeks ago from Kathmandu.

Unexpectedly we have had to drive from there to Tibet, via Kodari and the Friendhip Bridge and then Zangmu, Nyalam and Tingri. The plan was to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa but our flight was canceled so Russel Brice has had to find in a very short period of time another way to reach our destination taking into consideration the acclimatisation process that we all need to go through.