Welcome back to the Himex Daily Moraine, and what a busy time we’ve had in the last week or two!

So, what have we been up to since we last posted? Well, we have potentially done a world first (totally unofficial so don’t quote me on this at all) by naming a new obscure trail the “W” which involved walking from EBC up to Pumori camp 1, then across to the ‘mini’ Kala Patthar and then up to the ‘main’ Kala Patthar….quite a walk which took us just under 5.5 hours including a quick stop in Gorak Shep to recharge.

After this fairly epic hike, we rested at EBC and began preparations for our first foray up the mountain which would see us away from the luxury of our home in EBC for up to 7 days! On the 23rd April, our alarms got us up at the delightful time of 0300 for a quick breakfast and departure at around 0330, guided by our head torches towards crampon point at the base of the khumbu Ice fall – a very exciting time for us as we are about to get our first experience of climbing on Mount Everest, and of course the ice field brings its own set of butterflies in the stomach!

Ice fall ©Himex

We made steady progress through the field as the sun started to come up and we got to see the towers of ice around us and the amazing views of the surrounding mountains; beautiful sights to behold but also a reminder of the dangers posed in the ice field, providing motivation to keep going. Several hours after leaving EBC we arrived at Camp 1 where we took a few minutes before carrying on to Camp 2. Himex only left one tent at C1 (for emergencies) as our team was not planning on staying, having already completed its first rotation of acclimatization on Lobuche Peak and were therefore ready to go straight to the more comfortable and higher C2.The route to C2 is fairly straight forward although we did have to negotiate a 90-foot wall of ice which had appeared on the route due to the movement of the glacier and was a ’new addition’ since last year’s trip – the ever changing landscape of Everest at work again!

Ice wall ©Himex

After a few more hours walking up the gentle slope, we arrived for a late lunch at C2 and as first-timers we were pleasantly surprised as to how well setup the camp was, with a proper dining tent and a toilet tent!
We spent four nights at C2 with a few morning walks to the base of the Lhotse face, before embarking on our trip up to C3 where we would spend one night without using supplemental oxygen. It was a very tough but rewarding climb with great views of the Western Cwm and Mount Everest summit.

Lhotse face ©Himex

The next morning headed back down to C2 for lunch and dinner, satisfied with our night at C3, then packing our bags and getting to bed before leaving camp at 0600 the following morning to EBC. The length of time spent at these high altitudes made the trip back down the mountain much faster which was great to see, and we were back at EBC in time for lunch on 29th April – very nice to be back ‘home’.

Since then we have been resting and settling back in at EBC, washing clothes and smelly bodies, and planning our next few days worth of exercise, whilst we wait for our summit window.
So, that’s brought you up to speed, look out for the next newsletter in the coming days
All the best
Dan Horne