Greetings again from a sun-drenched Everest Base Camp (EBC)

Welcome to a special edition of the Daily Moraine where we will be taking a look at a topic that often fascinates people ‘on the outside’ and that is FOOD.

An Everest trip can be a long undertaking, with up to 70 days being expected as the maximum, and the team needs feeding, and feeding well, on every one of those days and let me tell you, the cooking team here does not disappoint! For a start, the kitchen facilities are the best of all those at Everest Base Camp, with stainless steel sinks and worktops, gas stoves and ovens (long gone are the foul smelling Kerosine appliances) as well as full carpeting throughout, promoting good hygiene (no throwing waste on the ground in the kitchen).
There are so many culinary highlights and surprises that greet us every day, but one of them certainly has to be the chips (or French Fries to our American friends), which have caused quite a stir, especially with our resident Northerner, Ross – for anyone who isn’t UK-based, people born in the North of England are particularly fond of chips and so are well qualified to scrutinize and pass judgement. During our last stay at Camp 2, we were served chips with our meal, and Ross proudly claimed: “These are the best chips we’ve had ALL trip, and I can’t believe they have been cooked up at Camp 2 at 6,400m”. A glowing report, and a testament to the cooking skills on display at Camp 2….but that wasn’t the end of the chip-based revelations; it turned out that in fact the chips had been made and pre-cooked at EBC then simply reheated up at Camp 2. Ross was gobsmacked, how could reheated chips be the best he’d had so far?? More importantly, though, was the fact that this was all a very carefully thought out process, in that cooking them at EBC meant less loads for the Sherpas to carry up to C2, meaning fewer trips through the icefall, less waste up at C2 and so on….all fairly minor details that most people don’t even realize are important considerations, but all add to the attention to detail that our leaders at HIMEX apply to everything!
But the chips are by no means the only stars of the show; every breakfast is hearty with eggs, bacon, omelettes, sausages etc served up. Lunches range from a selection of meats and cheeses to lasagnes and homemade pizzas (and of course chips) and dinners often resemble something you’d be ordering in your favorite restaurant at home – sizzling steak, roast duck, pork chops with all the trimmings, spicy chicken….the list goes on.
With the climber’s health being such a top priority, and energy levels an essential part of getting us to the top, our top-notch kitchen team really do such an amazing job keeping us fed well, all day every day, and there might even be the odd drop of ‘red’ thrown in as well.
So, there’s a little insight into our eating habits up here, keep an eye out for the next newsletter where I’ll update you on our climbing plans, which is apparently what we’re really here for.
All the best,
Dan Horne