Hi All

News is has been coming in thick and fast hence the combined update rather than back to back email alerts!

Yesterday’s news:

The Himex Team are today climbing from C3 to South Col. The Sherpas left C2 at 03.00 and reached C3 where they joined the members, and they all left at 06.00 and will be on the Col in another hour. There seems to be very little wind at any of the camps, so that is good news and is promising for tomorrows summit day.

Apparently, there were about 100 climbers on the summit today, so that is good that some of these crowds have now gone.

Today’s news:

Last night the climbing team left South Col camp at 20.30 in clear calm conditions. Unfortunately, Ross was not feeling good and so he and Son Dorgee returned to S Col and were back by midnight. Jacob, Dan, Nima Sona, and Nima Wongchu carried on and were on the Balcony at 03.16, still in clear calm conditions. They reached the South Summit at 06.35 and were on the main summit of Everest at 07.42 still with clear skies and no wind, so it looks like we chose a good day for summit push. They only spent 25 minutes on the summit and started their return down climb at 08.07, were at South Summit at 08.40, the Balcony at 09.46 and are now back at South Col at 11.24.

It is their intention to pack up camp and head back to C2 later today, before the forecasted cloud and light snow arrives.




*UPDATE (13:53 UK Time) – All the climbers and Sherpas are now back to C2.